Don't Rent, OWN IT!

Reasons to OWN Your Tuxedo - No More Rentals!

Many of our customers from New Orleans, Metairie, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and more find us while searching for tuxedos to rent, not own.  We believe that owning your tuxedo for only $169 is the better option!  So we are compiling a list of why you should buy your next tuxedo from Tuxedos To Geaux instead of rent:

1)  You don't have to return your tuxedo the day after your event!  We all know it can be hard to get up the next morning after a long night of partying and celebration.


2)  Lose a part of your tuxedo set?  No worries!  Just buy the replacement part from us for your next event instead of being charged for missing a part of the tuxedo set upon return.


3)  Saves gas!  No need to make that last trip back to return your tuxedo.


4)  Your tuxedo will be professionally altered to fit YOU and at no extra charge!  Don't rent a tuxedo that will almost fit you.


5)  It's a NEW tuxedo!  No need to be worried about the numerous people who wore the tuxedo before you and hope that it was professionally cleaned after.


6)  Had a few extra hamburgers since your last event?  Or been working hard at the gym?  Have your tuxedo altered again before your next event... for FREE!


7)  OWN your tuxedo for the one-time price of $169!  If you've ever rented a tuxedo before, than you know if you're renting more than once in your lifetime, it is way cheaper to buy your tuxedo for $169 from us.


Have more reasons to add to our list?  Let us know!  Tweet to us @TuxedosToGeaux, comment on our Facebook Page, or email us at

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